strange tribe sound sketch

This is the first track "made in Iceland", since I moved to Reykjavík a couple of months ago. Instruments - eurorack modular synth - Microtonic vst : drums - U-he ACE vst : bass - Eventide Eclipse : delay and reverb Main modules used - Cwejman resonator RES-4 - Wiard/Malekko Noisering as “ping” generator - Cwejman 4 phases PH-4 LFO - 4ms RDC + TipTop Audio Z8000 for additional modulations Production structured, recorded and produced on Ableton Live softwarecontinue reading →

Matar Muhammad – traditional buzuq music

This old vinyl is one of my absolute favorite music, whatever the style. Some of the atmosphere are really close to electronic tribal/ambient music. This disc was bought in 1988 by my father in Egypt. Some years ago, I decided to record it digitally and put it on CD format.I then converted it to good quality MP3 files for my personal use. I have now decided to share this music here with you. Enjoy listening ! Matar Muhammad was born in 1939 in the Bekaa plain (Lebanon) and died in 1995. He came…continue reading →

voices inside sound sketch

Small demo soundscape/texture. Instruments - eurorack modular synth - Kurzweil KSP8 effects processor Production Ableton Live 8 Main modules used - Cwejman MMF-6 (as a SINE osc) - MOTM E350 (as an LFO) - MakeNoise ModDemix (for sideband) - Cwejman RES-4 (for vocal effects) - Toppobrillo Sport Modularor (semi random modulator) Listen with a good headphone or a good pair of loudspeakers to enjoy the very low bass part !continue reading →

climbing the void – P3 live sequencing in studio

This is the first track we’ve completly compose with the P3 Sequentix sequencer. This tune was played “live in studio” in one take (all the sequences modifications were done on the fly). Everything was recorded directly into Ableton Live 7 in MIDI format. We’ve just deleted 2 patterns and some FadeIn | FadeOut were adjusted. The mix is not perfect (the tempo change is not very accurate) but it shows some of the numerous possibilities the P3 Sequentix offers. All sounds were loaded into Live 7 Sampler module, minus the the MicroWave XT.…continue reading →