strange tribe sound sketch

strange tribe sound sketch
      strange tribe - hpsounds


This is the first track made in Iceland, since I moved to Reykjavík a couple of months ago.

Technical notes
– the core background layered rhythms (7 layers) are done on an eurorack modular synth with the following modules : Cwejman resonator RES-4, Wiard/Malekko Noisering (output 1) as “ping” generator, Cwejman 4 phases PH-4 LFO, plus some 4ms RDC and a TipTop Audio Z8000 for additional modulations;
– drum part is from Microtonic plug-in drum synth and the synth bass is U-he ACE plug-in synth – both of them are triggered by a Sequentix Cirklon hardware sequencer;
– delay and reverb are from an Eventide Eclipse;
– structured, recorded and produced on Ableton Live software.

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