white horizons sound sketch

New sound sketch for my up comming project on winter in Iceland. - vocal like sequence : modular syntheziser with Cwejman (RES-4) and Wiard/Malekko modules; - slow evolving sequence : multi velocity samples patch from my fromer Oberheim Xpander; - bass drone : Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 w/ SMR-4 filter board; - hi pitched pads : Mutable Instruments Ambika w/ SVF voicecards; - effects : Ableton Live + Valhalladsp Shimmer reverb + Eventide Eclipse custom patch; - assembled, produced and live mixing in Ableton Live. Thanks for listening !continue reading →

strange tribe sound sketch

This is the first track "made in Iceland", since I moved to Reykjavík a couple of months ago. Instruments - eurorack modular synth - Microtonic vst : drums - U-he ACE vst : bass - Eventide Eclipse : delay and reverb Main modules used - Cwejman resonator RES-4 - Wiard/Malekko Noisering as “ping” generator - Cwejman 4 phases PH-4 LFO - 4ms RDC + TipTop Audio Z8000 for additional modulations Production structured, recorded and produced on Ableton Live softwarecontinue reading →

voices inside sound sketch

Small demo soundscape/texture. Instruments - eurorack modular synth - Kurzweil KSP8 effects processor Production Ableton Live 8 Main modules used - Cwejman MMF-6 (as a SINE osc) - MOTM E350 (as an LFO) - MakeNoise ModDemix (for sideband) - Cwejman RES-4 (for vocal effects) - Toppobrillo Sport Modularor (semi random modulator) Listen with a good headphone or a good pair of loudspeakers to enjoy the very low bass part !continue reading →