white horizons sound sketch

New sound sketch for my up comming project on winter in Iceland. - vocal like sequence : modular syntheziser with Cwejman (RES-4) and Wiard/Malekko modules; - slow evolving sequence : multi velocity samples patch from my fromer Oberheim Xpander; - bass drone : Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 w/ SMR-4 filter board; - hi pitched pads : Mutable Instruments Ambika w/ SVF voicecards; - effects : Ableton Live + Valhalladsp Shimmer reverb + Eventide Eclipse custom patch; - assembled, produced and live mixing in Ableton Live. Thanks for listening !continue reading →

Ljós | Light exhibtion – summer 2012

Our Ljós|Light exhibtion will be hosted at Vatnajökull National Park center near Egilsstaðir (Iceland) during the whole summer 2012. You can watch the trailer video about this exhibition below. “Blending and dissolving old memories, scales, light, weather and landscape, exploring and interpreting the vibrations and pulsations of the territory, Ljós|Light will take you in a personal perception and expression of Iceland’s older days and nature.” Edit Oct. 2012: The full slideshow can now be watched here.continue reading →

light wind sound sketch

Ambient track inspired by my first winter here in Iceland. It is a work in progress and part of a project about winter. Small problem at the end on the winder soundscape loop ! The main moving sound is a field recording of the wind processed through 5 carefully tuned band pass filers and a clever comb filter. The levels and pannings of this sound are controlled by an iPad Lemur App with a custom OSC layout using self-generated movements.continue reading →

shruthi-1 pad demo

The Shruthi-1 synthesizer is a SDIY product designed and engineered by Emilie Gillet – Mutable Instruments. We have built two of these tiny synths, and they sound amazing !!! The reverberation used in this demo is ValhallaDSP ValhallaShimmer, a great and affordable plug-in from Sean Costello.continue reading →