Travelling for many years across high altitude and high latitude territories and landscapes, we have focused our intention of this study on the concept and design of a hut system for hikers traveling in the remote wilderness of North-Western lands of Iceland (Hornstranðir).

Sheltering is vital when travelling in these severe territories. This can be seen in clothes, shapes of the landscape, or shelters built of fabric, wood or stone. These fundamental necessities of sheltering have guided us all along our intellectual and creative studies.

Sheltering helped us to concentrate on fundamental architectural and construction techniques that we seem to have forgotten in our daily life. For example, how to enter the building site, to deal with climate conditions, to generate natural energy, to convey water and clean it. At the same time, site construction should serve as a landmark as well as environmental protection. All these questions have motivated us to carry out our work.

Architectural thesis – High Latitudes exhibition.pdf
Architectural thesis – High Latitudes exhibition.pdf
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Architectural thesis – High Latitudes book.pdf
Size: 34.6 Mo