Oxygen tower

Oxygen tower

We were contacted by Asylum, a graphic design and internet solutions development agency for architecture & real estate, to shoot 180º panoramic photos (day and night conditions) which were then used as backgrounds in the main 3D pictures for the Oxygen Tower architectural project (Tour Oxygène).

Both panoramic photos (daylight and night) were taken, with the help of Noël Canus, from the same exact point of view in two sets of overlapping pictures. Those sets were then stitched together, vertical lines corrected and color enhanced in special digital panoramic softwares.

SN070111 Tour Oxygene Jour 001

The Oxygen Tower was designed by Arte Charpentier Architectes. It’s a 28 stories/115 m high skyscraper located in Lyon (France). At the feet of the building, an extension connects the tower to La Part-Dieu shopping center. The construction took place from 2007 to 2010.

background photos © hielo patagonia sounds | Hédi Kairouannais
final images © asylum

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