malekko boogie – lowpass gate examples

malekko boogie – lowpass gate examples
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This is a sound demo of the Malekko/Wiard Boogie filter. You can successively hear the 6dB, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB outputs, un-processed and then processed (I’m a reverb freak …).

This filter is vactrol-based (it uses a photo-resistance). This is quite a versatile, but unusual, filter with multi low pass outputs. You can use it as a “normal” filter, but also as a LoPass Gate (à la “Buchla”). The vactrol used in this filter is rather fast but a nice trick is used here to have a longer more ‘natural” decay of the sound.

LoPass Gates are know to be “ping-ed” by a very short pulse to sound at their best. The trick here was to use the Malekko/Wiard Envelator both as a pulse and as an attack-decay envelope generator. The SQR output of the Envelator is plugged into the KEY IN of the Boogie, the +OUT of the Envelator is plugged into the CV input of the Boogie. The SQR makes the LPG opened and the ENV out adds a nice natural decay to the overall sound, use the CV CONTROL knob to adjust the decay.

Sound source : Anti-Oscillator linear FMed by a Toppobrillo Multifilter self-resonating.
Reverb : ValhallaDSP ValhallaÜberMod.
Recorded through a MIO 2882 audio interface in ableton Live.

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